Women Earn 30% Less Than Men – Find Out Why!

With so many articles and books written about “women and money” one may ask the question as to why we have this focus on “women and money” – surely money is gender neutral 웹 템플릿 다운로드?

The reality is that despite all the advances women may have made in the workplace, they remain financially vulnerable.

This is not necessarily because employers pay women less for the same job, but because women often choose careers in lower paid jobs – often in order to allow them to fulfill their roles as mothers 스마일 아이콘 다운로드.

Needless to say for these mothers money is very tight and their main focus is on educating their children, not on their own retirement savings 영화 패밀리 맨 다운로드. Education, informal savings such as grocery schemes, and funeral policies are their savings of choice. Unfortunately this is at the sacrifice of their pension fund and medical aid and more than half of single mothers have no provision for retirement 다운로드. Sixty percent of these women believe, or perhaps only hope, that their children will take care of them in their retirement.

Women outlive men 다운로드. It’s a fact. So Maya chats about how much more women need to save in order to sustain themselves for the 7 years on average they’ll outlive men by, and how to do this on a lower salary 자막 폰트 다운로드. Podcast below!

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