What Is The Vert Spurt

In 2019 the reality is that we’re working harder, progressing faster and producing more content than ever before.


This also means that we’re lazy commitment-phobes in our downtime. Users want it all, NOW. While moving as little as possible. Attention spans are laughable, “double-screening” has become a norm and ‘tilting’ your phone takes way too much time and effort. 

Vertical video is a massive growth opportunity for digital marketing, as it’s opened up a more direct, engaged connection with the consumer that shows tangible conversion rates. With South Africa at the forefront of global mobile consumption, it’s strategically imperative for marketers to be present through this medium, and land their message straight up.

Our host, Nadia Hearn chats to the founder of So Interactive, Darren Mansour about this current trend. Have a listen below:

Here’s why: 

  1. It’s Accommodating

Vertical video is completely tailored to the consumer.  As it doesn’t cause any disruption to the flow of how people consume content, it delivers the message in a way that best accommodates users’ screen time.   Less than 30% of users tilt their mobile devices to watch content – because its far easier – and also one split second faster, than having to tilt their device into horizontal.  Vertical Video is therefore the most uninterrupted path to your consumer and their preferred style of consumption.

  1. It’s Conversion Heaven 

Vertical video has a 90% higher completion rate than horizontal. People watch it, and engage with it. Users on social platforms like Instagram – which only presents in vert by the way – are consuming content in this space because they genuinely want to engage with what brands have to say.  A third of Instagram stories viewed in South Africa, alone, are from businesses. Seminal vertical platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have ingeniously developed tools designed to engage audiences such as polls, filters and many more. Vert, with all its values and vices has truly set the tone of a medium that spreads like wildfire. Not only is it engaging on an individual level, but its shareability factor is hot. 92% of viewers watching on mobile, in vertical, will share with others. Fact.


  1. It Dominates Space

Space is crucial for the marketer. You want to be BIG. All eyes on you. Centre stage. Well, vertical video is your answer to owning the screen. It’s just you and your consumer, one on one.  Dominating real estate (Screen Estate, if you will) means your user disruption risk is lower. In a stick-quick-or-move-on-strong digital economy, it’s in the marketer’s best interest to lean towards a viewing format that looks good, feels easy and renders accessible.   

With all digital platforms, even Youtube shifting to accommodate vertical video and the “stories” platform growing fifteen times faster than posts in a feed, the Vert Spurt is real! This is our new method of mobile video consumption. The good news is – on top of it being an essential investment for reach – ‘going vert’ on your video content is not a technical thing it’s a strategy thing.  While one doesn’t shoot a video in vertical, one must decide upfront if the content produced will be for vertical or horizontal, in order to meet the brand objectives. 

At the end of the day, creative execution relies heavily on your digital strategy, and your digital strategy relies heavily on your campaign objectives. Vertical video is trending for said reasons, and could fast become the most efficient route to achieving brand buy-in, while maintaining a more connected relationship with your consumer. 

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