Van Pletzen On The #SATop20

We excited to welcome Van Pletzen to the show this week!

It has been said that AFRIKAANS IS GROOT, but the time has come to make AFRIKAANS KAKGROOT!  So strap seat-belts on your ears and BECOME GEREED because today VAN PLETZEN is back with their second album and it is a groot 15 track epic of BANGERS & BALLADS 다운로드.

VAN PLETZEN is showing a deeper side to listeners because the time has come to explore all the corners of the Legehness!  Whether it is on the dance floor or while making sweet and beautiful love, this album has got you covered 다운로드! Brace yourself for a serious dose of LOVE & LEGEHNESS in the form of 15 new songs ranging from serious club bangers to deeply intimate and sensual ballads about the complexities of liefde tribler! Afrikaans has never sounded groter or sexier!

Die basslines brom, die beats klop, die melodies loop en alles saam het mens skoon verlief 70년대 음악 다운로드. ‘LOVE & LEGEHNESS’ also boasts an impressive list of featuring artists such as EARLY B, JANIE BAY, BIGGY and also the legendary Dutch rapper TIM BEUMERS 다운로드!

With lyrics such as “There is no race, only mense, there is no taal… only mengels“, VAN PLETZEN creates a world without rules and limitations where the only race is mense and the only taal is mengels, a legeh mixture of Engels and Afrikaans and whatever else you need to druk yourself uit! A wêreld where legehness and liefde dominates. This is the soundtrack to navigate your dreams to!

Now is the time for the grootness, now is the time for the legehness, now is the time to follow your drome, now is the time to become gereed for love & legehness!

LOVE & LEGEHNESS is available on all streaming platforms:

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