Top DJ Defects To New Radio Format

In a move likely to instigate a shakeup in the South African radio broadcasting landscape, leading KFM DJ, Richard Hardiman has signed with internet radio start-up 2Oceansvibe radio 다운로드. The station has been test broadcasting on Friday mornings for only two hours and has started to build up an impressive following.

Richard Hardiman will be Programme Director and the morning ‘drive time’ host javascript 파일 강제.

Hardiman said “I am incredibly excited by the opportunity to be part of this venture 다운로드. 2Oceansviberadio will be the first South African internet radio station and I will be able to express my talents in a way in which I have not been able to within the corporatized formats.”

Richard Hardiman

2Oceansviberadio is the brainchild of South Africa’s top blogger ( and media innovator, Seth Rotherham 다운로드. Rotherham has been holding the controls behind the mike up until now while he has been polishing the format and negotiating with Hardiman. He intends to continue his presence behind the mike but in a role other than host 다운로드.

Rotherham comments, “2Oceansviberadio will be broadcasting from the Cape Quarter development in Green Point once our new studio has been completed 다운로드. Members of the public will be able to view the station in action, broadcasting daily from 08h00.”

“Internet and Satellite radio has really taken off overseas”, says Rotherham, “and here in South Africa our ever increasing broadband capacity with unlimited download time, has made internet radio a logical extension 다운로드. Many cars are now being launched with internet capability and allow radio streaming”

Rotherham said that the first internet music broadcast was as far back as 1994 when Mick Jagger opened a Rolling Stones concert with the words “I want to say a special welcome to everyone that’s, uh, climbed into the Internet tonight and, uh, has got into the M-bone 다운로드. And I hope it doesn’t all collapse.”

A keen student of international media trends, Rotherham comments that “ a  2007 survey of 3,000 Americans released by consultancy Bridge Ratings & Research found that as many as 19% of U.S 카카오톡 플러스친구 pc버전 다운로드. consumers 12 years and older listen to Web-based radio stations. There were some 57 million weekly listeners of Internet radio programs. Let’s then look at a 2008 Arbitron survey which showed that, in the US, more than one in seven persons aged 25–54 years old listen to online radio each week 다운로드. In 2008, 13 percent of the American population listened to the radio online, compared with 11 percent in 2007.”

Both Rotherham and Hardiman have researched other countries globally and the statistics are just as impressive. “South Africa is ready for 2Oceansviberadio”, says Hardiman.

Rotherham says that 2Oceansviberadio will offer selected commercials and sponsorships but will not be sucked into the vortex of having to cram commercials into each quarter hour segment. “We will be offering some clutterbustering sponsorship packages to advertisers”, ends Rotherham.

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