Tones Of Note


8pm – 10pm

Tones of Note, hosted by Rus Nerwich, SA Saxophonist, Composer, Writer and actor 로보랩.

South African Rus Nerwich pursues his passion and life’s work with a deep sincerity and single minded focus 다운로드. Drawing from a wide range of influences, both musical and theatrical Nerwich takes listeners to place deep inside his imagination. His new band is therefore aptly titled “The Collective Imagination”

Sometime between monolithic caveman beating a gnawed mammoth bone against a tree to make sound and the endless barrage of pop slush made on home computers, there was a time of inspired hipsters, funksters, horn blowing jazzers and preaching bluesmen 라노벨 다운로드. For music to rise to the top of the charts it had to have soul and it did. On mondays from 8 till 10 Tones of Note is going to wire you into the the musical mainframe 다운로드. Exploring Jazz and all its branches, exploring modern neo-soul and hip hop, and its roots in blues, reggae and folk music. There will also be live studio performances and interviews with South Africa’s finest musicians, so join me for a reason to blame it on the boogie 다운로드!


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