Today’s Show Will Be Off The Charts! Loads Of Prizes And Hot Tunes!


We don’t use the word “magic” enough. Our folks do – but we’ve kind of dropped it. Let’s make a pact to bring it back 가지마.

“Hey chom, how was the fishing trip?”

“Bloody magic, man!”


Ok, so, another week has gone by, which means tomorrow morning (Friday) brings us another 2oceansvibe Radio show 스틱봇 다운로드! Things are getting pretty exciting as we close in on our studio launch in the new Cape Quarter. Then we will feature full-time live broadcasting from actual retail space – allowing the general public to watch the DJ and celebrity guests do their thing 4k mp3 download! So not only can you see and hear 2oceansvibe, but now you can touch it too!

That’s all you’ve ever wanted to do, let’s face it 😉

Ok, so Friday’s show will be co-hosted by one of the best-looking people in Cape Town, The Dude 오소마츠상 다운로드. And you know what? it’s gonna be awesome. WHY is it gonna be awesome, you ask? Well, not only are we announcing the 10 winners of the NoMU 2oceansvibe “Touch Me On My Poster” competition, but we’ll also be giving away two pairs of these puppies, courtesy of Sunglass Hut :

Umm, Seth, is that you 예수님 사진 다운로드?

Those are limited edition Oakleys Sunglasses, my boet. SA flag on the side and gold mirror lenses – every cyclist’s wet dream 마리오네트 판타지! Available at Sunglass Hut!

Savour this moment, because it’s not often that you’ll see me wearing shades like that 은하철도 999 다운로드. Not because they’re shit, but more because of my rare skin condition that makes me come out in a rash if my shades aren’t made of 18 karat gold 다운로드. Like these 커미션 다운로드.

The music will be absolutely mind blowing (as usual), so make sure you don’t miss it.

Obviously the show will be fully interactive. You can send in in your questions and song requests via twitter (make sure you’re following us) during the show – or you can even drop us a buzz on Skype (skype name is “the2oceansvibeshow”) and we’ll chat to you live on air. We’ll give a prize to every caller. Like last week and the week before, where no-one left with anything less than R500.

Catch you tomorrow from 08h00 to 10h00 on 2oceansvibe Radio.

How do you listen? Very easy – just go here and Click “Listen LIVE” at the top.

You can even listen in your carCLICK HERE for that.

Or download the podcast after the show, if you’re SO busy!

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