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Sonja Mountford, the revolutionary VISIONARY who is changing the way local businesses practice, joins us once again ahead of the EAT OUT AWARDS *Sustainablitiy* Awards. This new division of The Eat Out Institution is set to bring a new era of *Conscious Busienss Practice* to local restaurants by encouraging them to operate within the pillars of environmental ethics and sustainability. Every consumer has a CHOICE as to where to spend there money, and today we will be showing you how to VOTE in the direction of a healthier PLANET by supporting these awards and the respectively nominated restaurants.
2:30pm – Wellness & Natural Food With Aimee
The day has arrived! The long-awaited launch of the 100% Medicinal, Raw and Superfood Chocolate Bar from Soaring Free Superfoods is HERE! We will be spilling the Cacao-Beans on how YOU can get yourself a ticket to their VIP Choc-Tail Party as well as MASSIVE discounts for Pre-Ordering your Chocolate Bar packs NOW. Remember: Abstract AIMEE is a PROUD ambassador for Clean, Raw, Medicinal and plant based food – and this Chocolate Bar is the ONLY one on the market that befits ALL FOUR pillars of ethics and sustainability!
2:45pm Cancer, Truthfully
Very soon, we will be delivering a MIND-ALTERING new radio series to all of you, which will focus on PREVENTING CANCER AND AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE before it begins! Similarly , we will be focusing on subjects pertaining to WHY the classic method of Chemotherapy has been such an out and out failure on humanity for DECADES now! Today, we will be giving you a *sneak peak* into what lies in store for you with the INCREDIBLE Dr Janey Little!
3:00pm – Weight Loss & Long-Term Health Management
Aimee has always been one to harp on about the concept of *You Cannot Excercise The Fat Off!* . Well, although this is TRUE ( you can only EAT the fat off through a corrected Plant-Based nutrition program) EXERCISE does in fact still play a VITAL role in disease-prevention and overall quality of life. But not ALL exercise is fundamentally GOOD for you. Today we will focus on how ancient and Centuries-Revered techniques such as Yoga and Pilates are your best bet for a longer life and more beautiful physique.

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