The Sustainable Societi Show

Tune in to 2oceansvibe Radio every first Wednesday of 2015 at 14:00 on The #WhatTheFoodShow 신비아파트 444호 다운로드.

With Aimee Eveleigh for The Sustainable Societi Show. The show will feature Societi Bistro partner Peter Weetman and executive chef Stéfan Marais, along with expert guests on some of the shows atmega8 다운로드.

Chef Stéfan Marais, a WWF SASSI trailblazer mentor and an avid promoter of many sustainable practices, will be talking to Aimee about topics such as sustainable living, permaculture and sustainable fishing 개여울.



Chef Stef prepares all Societi Bistro menus based on seasonality of ingredients, not only because of their abundance, but because of the economics, which is how Societi Bistro has maintained value for money.

Peter Weetman will be discussing appropriate fabrics and the latest trend designs with June da Silva from Hertex. In October he will be joined by Emily Mast from Woodbender, to discuss, among other topics, aesthetics versus practicalities of restaurant seating.

To round the year off Peter has convinced renowned architect Dr Shaun Adendorff to share his insights into restaurant design, and the importance of design in creating a hospitable environment. Societi Bistro, founding member of The Long Table Project, a sustainable restaurant collective, will also be giving away great prizes on every show, so be sure to tune in!

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