The Susana Kennedy Show


“Massively fun, refreshingly honest and infectiously ambitious”

“Living life fabulously, innovating beautifully while making a difference and having fun.”

(someone wrote these about me, the one liners are hard)

Susana Kennedy is a film Producer, Actress, Creative Director, Photographer, Specialist in devouring delicious food, fashion designer wanna-be, writer, blogger, keen entertainer to friends and family, above all she is a Lover of Life 영화 패딩턴 다운로드! Most recently she has added radio personality to her list of passions and has found a company that echo’s her enthusiasm to conquer new frontiers while inspiring and entertaining 다운로드.

“Since I was able to communicate everyone has known that my favorite thing to do is to turn dreams into reality, and live life to its fullest 다운로드. To do this I need to do three things:

1. Be constantly creating, whether its producing a film, designing and hand stitching a couture cocktail dress, writing and developing a screen plays, acting, creating new content for various entertainment platforms or just writing my blog, I need to create and obviously I need to to have every single positive experience known to man kind 다운로드.

2. I deeply believe in always leaving a place/person better than it/they were before I arrived. This ethos echo’s in every part of my life and it is very important to me to help were I can in whichever way I can, especially when I can assist in making someone’s dreams come true 다운로드.

3. And lastly to celebrate people and what they do best, whether it is uplifting a community through science, innovation or entertainment, if you are living your dream I want to celebrate You 다운로드!

I do all of that with a good does of humor and then put the rather large cherry on top of this fantastic cake which is my life, I love to eat devilishly delicious food and drink dreadfully expensive wine while surrounded by my incredible family, my beautiful friends and the fantastically fabulous new people I meet 인스타 다운로드. So there you have it Dreams turned into reality and living my perfect life!”

Susana’s show on 2oceansvibe does just that, it celebrates individuals for their achievements, meets social entrepinures that are making a living by making a difference, explores all the good things life has to offer and is topped off with a good does of humor 다운로드. It will also be the first show ever to have both live radio streaming and tv streaming at the same time. It is all about innovating beautifully while making a difference and having fun 다운로드.

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