The Relevant Music Show


18h00 – 20h00

There is no longer room for irrelevant things 세계명곡 다운로드. We have no longer got the resources. Enter The Relevant Music Show, your weekly dose of new music, ridiculous entertainment news and fashion talk from two people who also happen to be friends adb 드라이버 다운로드. 

Nash Mariah, founded The Relevant Music Blog in 2012 as a platform to showcase his eclectic taste in music. People liked it and here he is 디스크 쥬 다운로드. Nash is a self-proclaimed music fanatic who spends his days working in the advertising industry and Jana Babez is a platinum blonde Britney-obsessed performance artist who can’t be tamed 다운로드. 

The Relevant Music Show is a one-stop shop for everything happening in music, entertainment and fashion presented by two of Cape Town’s city kids 아톰 에디터 다운로드. There will also be weekly guests including DJs, musicians, bloggers and who knows – even strippers. Take it from us, irrelevance is out.

For more relevant music check out The Relevant Music Blog 게임 디지털.


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