The Pat & Marco Show

Monday – Thursday

Tune in from 10-12 and listen to these two mates presenting an easy, witty and humorous show without too much emphasis on the seriousness of life 다운로드.

On the daily menu, they cover sports predictions as well as discuss sports news and results, challenge the listeners short audio clips from movies and games as well as take a look back in history meats current affairs with a humorous twist 만화 이모티콘.

Patrick Hayworth

Has spent the last 10 years on a few of the biggest commercial radio stations in South Africa hosting a variety of shows 다운로드. His voice has also been heard on ad campaigns for the worlds biggest brands. Two words to describe Patrick will be Loves and Radio.


Marco Martins
Born in Johannesburg South Africa Marco Martins was a passionate musician from a young age dedicating himself to the craft. 음악이 아니었다면 다운로드. particularly as a drummer and percussionist. This passion grew into a love for radio and before long he applied himself to Sound Engineering, producing, managing and presenting 조순제 녹취록 다운로드.