The Local Grill Review

I am not a food critic nor am I a restaurant reviewer. I write about my experiences and feelings and good food should be an experience, which, at the very least, should inspire happiness in us, especially if we are paying for it.

If you enjoy meat, then you should definitely treat yourself to a meal at The Local Grill in Woodstock, which is the third of these award winning “Steakhouses” in the country.

After establishing the flagship restaurant in Parktown, Johannesburg in 2002, founder, Steven Maresch, and partners Llewy Mateza and Popi Tamazos joined forces with a local Capetonian entrepreneur to launch the brand in The Mother City.

The high ceilings, clean, simple décor and modern open plan layout is a clue to what you should expect from the menu, which is in itself simple: Choose your meat add your sides and/or sauce and get down to it. You can stack your meal to your tastes (and budget) by adding one or more of the sides which include shoestring fries, onion rings, hot veg or salad.

I loved the fact that when the meal was served, sides and sauces came separately in bowls or buckets and the meat, which is the main event, was the only thing on the plate. Just a gorgeous hunk of tender, juicy rump, or in Aimee’s case, sirloin.


This is when we realised that The Local Grill is more than just an eatery. It’s a proper meatery.

So why The Local Grill?
Well, with our growing concerns about what we are fed and what is actually in the products that we buy, it is encouraging to meet people like Popi and Llewy who are not only passionate about the food they make, but are committed to supplying us with food that is organically raised, cared for and well fed.

As a diner, you have the choice of the very best cuts of meat from free range animals which are either grain or grass fed, preservative free and meat that is dry or wet aged, on the premises, in the display meat lockers, which you are welcome to tour and I was delighted to discover that the three farms that supply The Local Grill share their passion and commitment to this ideal.

But there are other reasons.

They don’t disguise their meat with basting sauce during the cooking process. Instead, their signature “Local Rub”, which is a blend of herbs and spices is used to enhance the natural, robust flavours of the meat.

All the staff is friendly and professional and the waiters are proper jacked. They know their stuff and are not afraid to show it off either. They have a clear understanding of the cuts of meat and the other items on the menu and are happy spend as much or as little time as you need making sure you get the best from your time at The Local Grill.

Sauces are made to order and the side dishes are simply, but beautifully presented, separately from the plated meat, which is the focus. All the ingredients are fresh and crisp and I was pleasantly surprised when Aimee’s “Local Side Salad” arrived that it included avo and feta which was not an additional item at an extra cost, all adding the happy experience that is The Local Grill.
This is our No 1 meatery experience that we want all meat lovers to enjoy

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