The Leila Benelli Show

20h00 – 22h00

The Leila Benelli Show is an inspiring two hour weekly talk show which takes the shape of an informal discussion with a combination of experts from all over the world on the focus topic of the day.

“At the core of human potential many hidden beliefs are limiting the true genius to shine. These limiting beliefs are formed during early childhood, snowballing along into adult life. Most are unaware until hit by sudden tragedy  -”the wake-up call” – that changes life around forever. Why wait for a tragedy to happen before realising your life does not resemble who you truly are; what you truly love or what you always dreamed your life would be?”

The Leila Benelli Talk Show focus on exploring ways to motivate, inspire & empower listeners to take a deeper look at the areas  of their life which is not enriching, fulfilling, satisfying and fun anymore. In raising awareness of various topical issues, listeners get the opportunity to learn more about themselves and explore improved ways of being, so they may enjoy the life they choose.


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