The Ketogenic Diet – Best Designed Medical Diet Available

The Mommy Matters Show with Paediatric Dietitian, Kath Megaw about the The Ketogenic Diet, the most researched and well designed medical diet available 다운로드. Kath highlighted the influence on the Ketogenic Diet on one particular child. Keilah is an only child and has been diagnosed with Myoclonic Astatic epilepsy Syndrome 몽타주. Keilah was almost 4 months old when her seizures started. After starting this diet, Keilah went from 100 seizures a day, to only 15 per day, to seizure free 다운로드.

In the podcast, find out more about Keilah’s condition and find out more about The Keilah Foundation, which was created to raise awareness and accessibility to the ketogenic diet through training, fund raising, creating satellite ketogenic clinics and education 다운로드.

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