The BFF Show with Bailey Schneider

Bailey and Karolina are putting a fresh face on friendship.

Although some would love to see them in their regular stiletto clad pillow fights, they have a unique, honest and loyal friendship… Bailey Schneider and Karolina Sky are South Africa’s well-known BFFs 이등병의 편지 다운로드.

Whilst Karolina may be doing her lunges in stilettos, Bailey will be warming up her voice for the next MC gig. In between all the madness, the two of them always find a way to get together and catch up on life, love, fashion, beauty, the latest trends, health and fitness plus men (and their shoe size) 천로역정 더빙 다운로드.

Bailey and Karolina are here to be your BFFs too. This gorgeous, fun duo will be found sipping on tea (sometimes champagne) as they catch up and create another B&K Moment 다운로드.

Experience the uncensored version of what best friends really talk about. This is your license to eavesdrop. B & K invite you to join their friendship circle every Tuesday from 3-4pm and Thursday from 2-3pm and be a part of the show 다운로드.

Today, Bailey and Karolina talk to Incoco nail manicurist, Michelle, who gives the latest trends and no-no’s.

Podcast below 다운로드!

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