Dealing With Teen Anxiety And Depression

According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, their national toll-free suicide crisis hotline takes a staggering number of calls from teenagers calling either for themselves or on behalf of a friend 다운로드. Among our teenagers, anxiety and depression are on the rise and teen suicide is becoming increasingly common, and at this time when many of them are home alone on school holidays, we’ve felt the need to highlight this, and make our parents a little more aware 다운로드.

Kath from Mommy Matters spoke to the Co-founder of The Baby House in Johannesburg this week, as she believes that the youth of South Africa deal with many struggles on a daily basis, even with a stable family environment 다운로드. “It is estimated that by 2015, eight million children would have lost their parents either through death or abandonment. Of these eight million it is estimated that five million will need a home to grow up in and a parental figure to look up to,” says Fenn. 익스플로러 11 다운로드.

In the podcast, Psychologist, Robin Fenn discusses how we can empower and encourage our children, how to spot a depressed child, and why the age of depressed kids has dropped to as young as tweens 무악전기 다운로드.

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