Susana Kennedy Presents From Fractured to Fabulous – Conscious Empowerment & Mastery

아이튠즈 아이클라우드 다운로드
This past weekend I was honoured to speak among some of the best speakers in the world

Including Lisa Nichols, The Official Journey Community hosted by Brandon Bays, Lauren Dallas, Sonia Zarbatany and many more 퍼펙트 타겟 다운로드! I gave an introductory masterclass in accelerated transformation of the Heart, Body, Mind and Soul.
My aim is to give you all the tools, knowledge and techniques to transform your challenges into gifts and live in full, authentic love and acceptance of yourself and in celebration of your life, no matter where you are in the journey of Conscious Empowerment and Mastery 다운로드.

You can watch the recording below PLUS, I am LAUNCHING my first ever online course and if you wait to the end you will see the special offers for Thrive Members and You stardict 영한 사전! If you want to be a part of my LIVE COURSE STARTING MONDAY THE 15th of JUNE, click on this link now:
Please leave me feedback on what you found most useful, tag friends who may also find this useful and share with anyone who may benefit from joining in the conversation lh-cds.

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