Lessons From Our Parents On Budgeting

Maya On Money is a finance feature, hosted by Maya Fisher-French. She will be teaming up with the Just Josie lunch show, every Thursday at 12h30, to bring us simple and useful finance tips 다운로드.

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Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, money matters were a hell of a lot worse than what they are now 바로북. Living in an environment where the inflation rate was up to 20% because of the oil price shock, our parents were in a really tough financial situation, far worst than what we are facing today 다운로드.

Maya runs through a few lessons her parents enforced in order to survive the financal squeeze at the time, most important being – do not use credit for your lifestyle 다운로드.

Listen to the podcast below for a few easy tips on how to survive the squeeze.

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