Sportsfire With Graeme Joffe

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Podcast for Monday 12 November 2012

The live no-nonsense, straight talking sports call in show, SportsFire hosted by Graeme Joffe sponsored by Ricoh. Follow Graeme on @joffersmyboy


1)  Clare Wood – South African born former British no 1 tennis player
2)  BBC World Service – Football Audio Insert
3)  Mathew Magic Hatton – Boxer
4)  John Mitchell – Audio Insert
5)  Dan Retief – SportsFire’s Rugby Analyst
6)  Swimming Audio Insert
7)  Phil Chippa Masinga (Blast from the past)
8)  Frankie Dettori audio – Audio Insert
9)  Dan – Voltbet
10) Funnyman, Malcolm Ferreira (Norm) – our resident comedian… off-the-wall analyst

Podcast below 문자알림음 다운로드!

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