Sportsfire With Graeme Joffe

Podcast for Monday 19 March 2012

The live no-nonsense, straight talking sports call in show, SportsFire hosted by Graeme Joffe sponsored by Ricoh 다운로드.


1) Ian Darke – ESPN Football Commentator
2) Greg Minaar – UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Elite Men’s Downhill Winner
3) Dan Retief – SportsFire Rugby Analyst
4) John Laffnie de Jager – SA’s Davis and Federation Cup Team Captain
5) Lee Barnard – Former Transvaal and Northern Transvaal Cricketer and Rugby Player (Blast-from-the-past)
6) Dan – Voltbet
7) Funny man, Malcolm Ferreira (Norm)– our resident comedian… qsync. off-the-wall analyst

Podcast below!

To access the podcast:

  1. Go to URL :http://joffers19899 어몽어스 다운로드
  2. Scroll down (Date Sequence) and select required podcast

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