Sportsfire With Graeme Joffe

The live no-nonsense, straight talking sports call in show, SportsFire hosted by Graeme Joffe sponsored by Ricoh. Your chance to have your say – a platform to have a go: Follow Graeme on @joffermyboy or SMS him on 44008


1)  Joffers (@joffersmyboy) Soapbox
2)  Anne Vermaak – spokesperson for the Gym for Life challenge 2013
3)  Andy Murray – clip
4)  Dan Retief – SportsFire’s Rugby Analyst
5)  Saurav Ganguly – clip
6)  Malcolm Lange – Former SA cyclist – get his thoughts on the Tour de France up to this stage
7)  BBC World Service’s Football Wrap
8)  S’manga Khumalo -clip
9)  Birthdays -if you celebrate your birthday  today, 8 July, you celebrate  with among others, Saurav Ganguly -clip
10)  Shane McGregor – TellyTrack Analyst – with a review of the Vodacom Durban July
11) Malcolm Ferreira (Norm) Funnyman – our resident comedian…. off-the-wall analyst

The show is also podcast – URL:

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