Song Of The Day: ‘Better Love’ by Ginette Claudette

R&B is not dead. Those are the words of New York native, Ginette Claudette. We have an exclusive interview with the singer, songwriter about the current state of R&B and her brand new single featuring Rico Love. 

After releasing her long awaited debut album Tainted Emotions earlier this year, Ginette has given her fans a body of work that she can be proud of 다운로드. One of the most stand out songs from the album is Better Love.

Better Love features the musical stylings of Rico Love whose produced songs for the likes of Beyoncé, Mary J 다운로드. Blige an Usher. Ginette reveals how this collaboration came about: “I was in the studio working on the record with August Rigo when we both decided that a feature on this record would be dope so I immediately thought of Rico Love, who’s a good friend of mine, sent it to him, he loved it and did his thing on it! I first met Rico in 2010 when I was working on my original album on Motown Records and we creatively hit it off 진료확인서 다운로드. We’ve always had a dope studio chemistry that we’ve maintained. Working with Rico is effortless, he gets it.”

Lyrically, most of her music comes from a sincere and honest place 오토핫키 파일 다운로드. When asked whether or not  she ever regretted singing a lyric or being to ‘honest’ on a particular record? Her reply:  “It’s a bitter sweet feeling to be personal in your records 다운로드. I’ve had moments where I’ve written a song that told a story that I wasn’t ready to share. I think it’s all about timing. Timing with yourself, when I decide the time is right for me to speak on certain things, I do. It’s a great form of therapy. Just gotta make sure I’m okay with that. When people relate, it makes it all worth it though.”

On the return of R&B:

“R&B is such a classic sound I don’t think it could ever die. Not while I’m around at least (laughs) but I have seen a lot of new artists start to bring it back and even some seasoned ones too. That makes me excited. What I’m doing with it makes me even more excited. Just gotta stay tuned.”

Have a listen to the acoustic version of Better Love below:

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