SodaStream Commits To Avoid 67 Billion Single-Use Plastic Bottles By 2025

On the 30th anniversary of Earth Day, SodaStream releases Five-Year Environmental Commitment.


SodaStream, the leading sparkling water brand in the world, part of PepsiCo, today announced their ambitious goals in their mission to reduce single-use plastic waste 다운로드. Based on forecasts from their continued double-digit growth over the past few years, the company plans to save the use of nearly 67 billion single-use plastic bottles by 2025* 다운로드.

To add to this commitment, starting early 2021, the company will also be switching all its flavours from plastic to metal bottles 사파리 zip 다운로드. This should avoid nearly another 200 million single-use plastic bottles over the next five years. The factory in Israel produces over 30 million bottles of flavours every year 다운로드. Metal is the easiest and most efficient option currently available in the world for recycling and does not require “market education” for waste separation. At 76% South Africa is one of the global leaders of metal packaging recycling, according to BMI Research data 다운로드.

In 2019, SodaStream has contributed to the avoidance of about 5 billion single-use plastic bottles*, and every year the company sets the bar even higher 스노우 브라더스2 다운로드. In 2020, it plans to help avoid an additional 6 billion single-use plastic bottles in its markets around the globe.

“While we are all going through something so challenging like the COVID-19 crisis, my hope is that we will remember to take much better care of the planet we live in, all together as mankind,” says SodaStream CEO Eyal Shohat 다운로드.

As a special tribute to Earth Day 2020 during the crisis, SodaStream released an emotional video that states the importance of caring for our planet even in these complicated times while a large part of the world is in confinement 학교 종소리 다운로드. The video delivers a social and environmental message: “We need to stay at home to overcome this, and once we do, let’s make sure we take better care of the planet – our home” arcuz 다운로드.

To seal their commitment, SodaStream is making a donation to global non-profit WaterAid, which provides clean tap water for drinking and washing hands 다운로드. “There are millions of people in South Africa, and if everyone does one good green deed a day, it would go a long way to eliminating environmental pollution. We all need to be mindful of our habits, to make sure our environment is safe and clean,” says Miss Earth South Africa 2020, Lungo Katete.

Additional Green commitments:

SodaStream is investing in renewable energies; solar panels were placed this year on the roof of its main factory, already providing for 5% of the company’s energy needs and aiming to reach 20% by 2021. It also has plans to shift to natural gas and use the co-generation technology to run on clean energy, free from fossil oil, as well as making its factory almost 100% power independent by 2024.

“We are constantly exploring further steps, including in the field of renewable energy. As a company, we feel responsible and committed towards the world we will leave for the next generation,” commented SodaStream CEO Eyal Shohat.

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