Review: Urban Beauty Lounge

The #WhatTheFoodShow host, Aimee Eveleigh reviews, Urban Beauty Lounge.

I used to go have my eyelash extensions done once every two weeks 다운로드. It was squeezed into my lunch hour, with a 15 minute drive either side of it. It was NOT worth the rush – I had short, stubby looking eyelashes underneath the heaving weight of the tacky-looking and stuck-on extensions and, eventually, my eyelashes fell off completely 다운로드! Unbeknownst to me, these unprofessional and underqualified quasi-beauticians are practicing all over Cape Town, charging an arm and a leg for dangerous beauty services that can leave your face permanently botched 다운로드! Thankfully, I learned my lesson after the Winter of 2014, when someone explained to me that paying R500 for a pseudo-beauty service that left my lashes all but non-existent was pure insanity cpu-z 포터블. That same person told me that my eyelashes now had a fighting chance of recuperating because there was a place known as The Urban Beauty Lounge in the CBD 핑크퐁 앱 다운로드!


To reinforce the notion that Urban Beauty Lounge is the place where the Mother City’s foremost experts in beauty therapists reside, I found this excerpt off their website:

“Choose only the best eyelash extension experts in Cape Town, don’t risk damaging your natural lashes 다운로드! Applying great lash extensions takes remarkable fine motor skills, only choose therapists who devote their entire day mastering this treatment. At The Urban Beauty Lounge we specialize in each treatment we do, enabling us to say we offer the highest quality eyelash extensions in Cape Town 파워 쿼리 다운로드. Special isolation techniques are used to ensure you are guaranteed damage free eyelash extensions. We use the most up to date techniques to fast-cure the adhesive and soft pads to gently protect the bottom lashes for your comfort.The lashes themselves are made of non-allergenic, soft and flexible synthetic mink, and are designed to exactly imitate the shape, weight and texture of natural lashes”

Thankfully, my foray into the new world of Russian Lashes has left me feeling confident, looking gorgeous and best of all: My eyelashes have now completely grown back 쌈마이웨이 다운로드! Even with my expertly applied Russian Lashes, my natural lashes have been left totally unharmed. To be frank, this is the BEST R900 you could ever spend on your face – ever 미도리 다운로드.


Here’s some additional info I found on their website about these incredible Russian Lashes:

“Russian lashes are the latest craze in eyelash extensions 다운로드! The end result is far fluffier, more believable and safer for the natural lashes as there is less weight placed on the lash.
As there are significantly more lashes per natural lash (between two and five, depending on the service), Volume Lashes will last much longer before you will notice that you require a refill. Volume Lashes are known to last 4 to 5 weeks if maintained with refills. Isolation of your natural lashes is still very important, they will never be glued to each other and cause damage as per the classic lash technique!”
Anyone wanting to WIN themselves a set of these beauties just has to visit my Facebook page at or book your Russian Lash appointment today by visiting, Urban Beauty Lounge.


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