Review: Sevruga

A great family lunch time destination.

If you have a family with children under thirteen and have past by Sevruga Cape Town, thinking that it’s a restaurant less conducive to younger children, let me set the record straight – if you can get a table outside, it is in fact the perfect lunch-time destination for you and your family.

Right off the bat, let me warn you that Sevruga is not a crayon-and-coloring-in venue, but you really don’t need those kinds of distractions with the view that you enjoy. Our kids, aged 5 and 10, couldn’t stop talking about the different boats, ships and buildings. Questions about the clock tower, the Jolly Roger and the “creatures in that ocean” dominated the lunch time conversation, which is usually spoiled by back and forth bickering along the lines of “Mommy, Auren has my red crayon” and “Daddy, Tayla took my brown”.

Since this is more upmarket than some of the other restaurants we usually frequent as a family, it gives the kids the opportunity to practice their finer dining skills and the proper etiquette. It also gives them the chance to participate and taste things that they might not necessary enjoy, like the non-alcoholic cocktails. The Strawberry Daquairi was a hit. Even though they shared it, it took so long to finish that they never got to try any of the other virgin drinks available. Between their concerted efforts to shlurp up the slush, brain freeze and random giggling, I have to be honest and say it made for some great family fun.


There isn’t an official kiddies menu, but in all fairness, you don’t need one. The staff are so on point. They addressed the children directly, enquiring politely about their pallets. “So guys, what can we get you? Fish, Spagehetti or Meat” – with kids, the best approach is the simple, direct one.

Our kids settled on ‘fish and chips’ and ‘spahetti and meatballs’ – I just loved that the waiter asked if they would like to share the dishes, which took the kids by surprise, but it was a great idea. Wen the meals came, each of them had a kiddies portion of pasta AND two deep fried, chunks of line fish, golden brown and chips to match. It proved to be two very generous portions of food, even for my kids, who are mini foodies in the making, but what they didn’t finish, the Sevruga crew were happy to send home for supper.

So the next time you are out to lunch with the kids, stop in at Sevruga!

PS: We had Sushi and Cocktails! What else??? Right!

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