Questions To Consider When Selecting Medical Aid

It is that time of year when your medical scheme will require you to select your plan for next year. This is a good time to reflect on your medical needs to ensure that you are on the correct plan 독일 불법 다운로드.

Many people are actually over insured as they tend to take out comprehensive cover in fear of what they will need rather than what is actually necessary 비즈니스용 스카이프. One needs to find a balance between spending money on cover you don’t really need and ensuring that you are spending money where it matters most.

Analyse your medical expenses over the last year and compare that to your claims record to see if you are under or over insured 다운로드.

Do you need day-to-day savings? What chronic cover do you need? Can you self-insure? Listen to the podcast to find out the seven questions YOU need to be asking 가족사진 mr.

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