Purify South Africa With Susana Kennedy & Dr Jacqueline Hobbs

One of the most powerful transformational sessions I have had the honour of hosting.

The energy shifts with palpable and I’ve had the most incredible feedback from people about the shift that they are experiencing from watching this space that was created with love 다운로드. Please remember to tag anyone that you believe would benefit from this,share this with your friends and family and anyone you feel would benefit from its contents, alone we can do little together we can change the world 다운로드.

A very deep and love filled thank you to Dr Jacqueline Hobbs Oracle Girl for her energy, love and doorway to transformation.

This is part one of: “Purify South Africa: overturning darkness is a dedicated purification for the land and peoples of South Africa, examining the historical roots of violence and racial dispute on this planet and how to overcome them 시스코 패킷 트레이서 다운로드. We will also look at the civil disobedience and anti-apartheid movements, the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, perspective, their advice in view of the current world situation 다운로드.

What is the path to our future communities healed of poverty & violence?

How do we overcome the historical impulse for self-harm?

Where does the solution lie to action born of purity rather than reaction to everything wrong 겨울 왕국 불법?

Hosted by Susana Kennedy of the Thrive Network. A donation will be made towards hunger/starvation currently in Cape Town.

Guardians of the future events are for you to purify the planet, our leaders and our world societies 다운로드. In the purification space you are able to do this safely. It purifies you as well as all other beings so your patterns or issues do not affect others – and you joining the space multiplies the power of the purification, accelerating world change in a truly positive direction.”

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