Punishment Teaches A Child Nothing. Discipline Appropriately

Mommy Matters with Jess and Kath tackled the issue of ‘discipline’ on Tuesday- and much to Jess and Kath’s surprise, the team were wrapped over the knuckles for spanking their toddlers 다운로드.

Guest in studio, Anne Cawood, social worker and author of Toddlers Need Boundaries, told the ladies that this kind of discipline was in fact classified as ‘punishment’ and teaches a child nothing 다운로드.

Anne offered up alternatives for effective discipline, such as implementing the ‘think about it chair’ and calling for ‘time outs’ instead of yelling and spanking pdf.js.

Because Anne is vehemently against spanking, she won’t even condone it in situations where danger is imminent, such as in the traffic or at the stove: “If you reserve your loud voice for times when there is a real element of danger, then you won’t need to resort to spanking 태합입지전 다운로드. The problem is that we yell all the time for small things and then feel that spanking is the only option for the serious things,” she said.

Anne also offered advice on avoiding conflict in a marriage when disciplining children: It is important not to correct each other’s methods in front of a child, because that’s when you give them the gap to manipulate.”

Podcast below 배그 무료!

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