Pop Bottles At The V&A Waterfront

Launched in 2008, Pop Bottles creates an experience away from the club scene. South Africa’s biggest trend-setters flock to Pop Bottles events, coming to do what they love: to see and be seen 큐큐메신저 다운로드! Each and every Pop Bottles event entertains an exclusive, affluent crowd of 1000 people.

These intimate Sunday afternoon Hip-Hop Experiences take place across South Africa, the events start at midday, allowing for a relaxing afternoon of socialising and networking before moving into a lively nightlife experience. South Africa’s finest Hip-Hop performers and DJs provide the entertainment on state of the art technical installations 바로북.

Listen to the podcast for more info on this event. They also chat about V&A Waterfront Take The Stage Finalists Live, where a flood of young hopefuls take the stage and perform at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre every Saturday during the month of February 다운로드.

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