On Air With Matthew-James: Jen Su Interview


On this episode of #OnAirWithMatthewJames, we chat to the world renowned Hollywood reporter JenSu.

JenSu has built her brand on almost every content in the world from the ground up and stops by to share some tips for aspiring entertainment professionals 다운로드!

She chats about how she turned her journey into a book about personal branding called “From #ZtoALister”, her journey in moving over from a successful music career to television as well as her experience in producing content during the world wide lockdown 다운로드.

The Red Carpet Guru shares how we can except the industry to change post Covid19 and how the Hollywood Award Season & Fashion Week Scene has and will be affected by the virus 다운로드.

Don’t miss this fireside chat as Jen shares her thoughts on what she feels is important during this time.

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