No Brand Is An Island

Building a brand comes with its joy factor, and on the other hand… it’s got the spoiler factor.


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Joy is: when you realise that you might get a little more than just 2 hours shut eye, because you finally (after countless debates and internal dialogues) have a freshly designed brand identity.   

Spoiler is: when you realise you have two zillion and something different kinds of platforms to market your brand, and only one (microscopic) budget. Where will you start?

Business owners start at being ‘the island’: a social media business page. Commonly perceived as a “cheap alternative” or “free to market” website, that won’t cost much, but will reach millions.

Rule number 1: Don’t ever think you own the island. The allure of social media as the one stop cheaper cousin to launching your brand and retaining your customer, can be a risky strategy to entrepreneurs and CMO’s, as the rules change daily. With platforms like Facebook changing its algorithms, human control measures are diminishing, and brand strategies need to recalibrate.  

Rule Number 2: Don’t be fooled by your environment.

Despite the self-sufficiency of ‘the island’ – where you can manage your content ideas, you can drink from the ocean of analytics, tap into thousands of consumers, feed off your loves, likes and shares – it’d be unwise to think that by hosting your business solely on a social media application, you’ll be growing your brand the way you want to, on your terms, effectively. This is an untruth.  

If you’re currently on ‘the island’ or thinking about taking your brand there – we’re smoke signalling you right now. Having a social media presence may be important, but having it alone, will stagnate your business growth. Similarly, choosing to only have a custom-built website, as your first and possibly last source of digital branding, is not going to cut the mustard either.

So how to do this? There are only 3 primary pointers for a business that guarantees your safety in the digital sphere (*using Facebook as an adequate example)  


  • Pay if you want to Play: Facebook’s organic reach for content has dropped to less than 1% for business pages. Having an organic Facebook business page will not give you enough reach. If you don’t pay to play, with a paid social advertising strategy, your business runs the risk of not being found and never being heard – and, lest we imagine, that the only people you’ll land up speaking to, quite frankly, is Wilson. And he’s not a people.  
  • Own your Brand Assets: Control is everything. Considering the 80 million SME business pages on Facebook. The average organic reach shows only 6.4% of page likes, a customised website – whereby you can control your own assets – is the only hope you have of owning your business journey. Aside from steering the aesthetics of your digital brand presence, a tailored website will also give you autonomy of scale with your own email database – which is today’s golden nugget in ensuring the sustainable growth of your business.  
  • Integrate: Integration. Integration. Integration. So, here’s the truth: you can’t have one platform without the other. Having a customised website without a social media strategy is a fool’s paradise. Your website feeds your social media which feeds your website which feeds your active engagement. The key is to plug into all the sweet spots, simultaneously, from the get-go. That’s where your low hanging fruit is.  


Rethink your ‘island’ by implementing a strategically designed, integrated network of touch points that work together – not in isolation – and will deliver a 360-degree digital solution for your business. If are interested in talking brand to a true specialist, get in touch with So Interactive, a Johannesburg based creative boutique on the ready to take assist in taking your business to the next level.

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