Next Year’s Inflation And Tax Stuns

Maya On Money is a finance feature, hosted by Maya Fisher-French. She will be teaming up with the Just Josie lunch show, every Thursday at 12h30, to bring us simple and useful finance tips 다운로드.

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If the economy doesn’t grow sufficiently, new revenue initiatives will be necessary… and we all know that this means more taxes 소설 txt 파일 다운로드.

What was really concerning to the government this year is that tax revenue was dropped by R5 million. This is mainly due to the economy not growing, companies taxes falling and people losing their jobs 워크래프트1 다운로드.

In the podcast, Maya talks about why individuals have been carrying a much higher level of tax burden over the past few years and are actually paying more of their fair share of the tax pool 윈도우7 한글언어팩 다운로드.

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