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Where Is Humanity Currently Standing In Its Journey To A Sustainable Future?

With all of this knowledge , we as a species are slowly starting to empower ourselves and create a new autonomy that self-governs how we CHOOSE to live. We want to thrive – and so does our Planet. So why has this movement been exclusively designated to the HUMAN experience in our households and communities?  Our Mammalian way of living with EMPATHY sees us caring for Nature and animals 다운로드. So, surely our own PETS should be allowed the same rights to thrive as we do?
In 2017, Paul Jacobson will regenerate his Profile in our local Community with his Signature, Radio Talk Show on the internet-based 2oceansvibe Radio, as well as create a more unified relationship between Human and Animal Health care in a series of upcoming special events.
Which Companies Are Addressing Our Outlines Concerns Sustainably & Ethically 다운로드?
There are a growing number of individuals who have empowered themselves with the knowledge that exposes the truth about the Commercial Pet Food Industry. Similarly to how most of us have now empowered ourselves with the knowledge that a daily intake of margerine , white bread or sugar-laden products are a one-way ticket to Cancer.  Paul & Cindy Jacobson are two such individuals.  Both are as passionate about educating consumers on the rights for PETS to enjoy optimal health as Prof 다운로드. Tim Noakes is about teaching us that Sugar is evil!  They are the dynamic owners and operators of Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition based in Sea Point Cape Town. They are so invested on the quality of their product, that they partake in every step of the process of their pet food preparation.
If an ingredient is not instantly recognisable in its original form as it would be found in Nature, then Paul and Cindy WILL NOT include it into Vondis Pet Food.  Both Paul and Cindy have enjoyed credible acknowledgment from certain Mainstream Doctors and Vets who are now beginning to grasp the idea that health starts in the GUT and NOT via a Syringe of Chemicals 비공개 유튜브 영상. \ The latest veterinary studies coming out of The States, California, June 2014, confirm what Paul and Cindy as well as many nutritionists have been advocating for many years: That the same nutritional science that applies to humans apply to our cats and dogs. Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition follows world-wide nutritional trends and science that ensures that your beloved pet will receive the optimal and balanced diet, but also that the recipe and ingredients follow international safety standards 다운로드.
In the spirit of working WITH the Global Movement toward a more sustainable future for ALL life on Earth, Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition has outlined some non-negotiable rules about how they run their enterprise:
● Whilst the jargon words like “optimal, balanced, complete, scientific” are embedded in their brand, Vondis also highlight the importance of “safety first, quality of ingredients and morality”
● Vondis STRICTLY refrain from any animal testing.
● As all raw meats can carry harmful bacteria, it is important to cook all meat properly to kill the bacteria that can cause food poisoning 큐브리드 jdbc 다운로드. The optimal temperature to kill all harmful contamination is 72 °C – using a lower temperature, the meat is thus able to retain crucial minerals and vitamins that are usually destroyed through the high-temperature processing methods used in Commercial Pet Food.
● Vondis do their best to buy only natural ingredients and they use absolutely no preservatives or digestives 다운로드. ● Vondis ensures that the meat that they use comes from a reputable source. Most of the variants of meat that Vondis uses are free range.
● Vondis uses only high-quality pulses like a long grain brown rice, pearl barley, split peas and all are GMO FREE!  ● Vondis use only a cold pressed olive oil from South Africa as a high quality omega rather than rendered trans-fats that the commercial industry is known to use 한국영화 유튜브 다운로드.
● Vondis cook their own stock from scratch using bones and vegetables rather than getting quick results from synthetic preserved digestives.
● Vondis do not use any harmful preservatives – rather they freeze food, naturally and safely 모나크모나크2.
● To reduce their carbon footprint and enhance nutritional values, Vondis cook their food using the old fashioned method of “Wonder Bags” .
● The Vondis cooking process is complexed and long. Their wholesome pulses are cooked slowly for three hours 다운로드. Their meat is steamed till 72 degrees to kill any possible pathogen or parasite. The veggies, herbs, omegas are blended entirely RAW.
● Therefore, you get the Goodness of Raw Plant  Nutrition with all of their immune-boosting enzymes and mineral content and the Safety of Slow- Cooked, low-Temp heated Meat.
“ We are not perfect, but I can assure you that there is not a single pet nutrition company in RSA that bides by such moral and nutritional principles. The reality is that the consumer wants to feed a high quality nutrition at reasonable prices. We are that company.” Paul Jacobson – Owner, Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition.
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