MYMYMY On The #SATop20

We excited to welcome MYMYMY to the show this week!


Synth-pop aliens, MYMYMY, release their new EP, Oorskiet and it shines with intergalactic charm 삼성 pc 드라이버 다운로드. Be sure to tune in tonight at 5:30pm to hear more.

MYMYMY is back from the last lonely corners of the galaxy after a visit to their hometown (IN HIERDIE DORP – In This Town), still falls in love with strangers in the aisle in Pick ‘n’ Pay (STARE), delivers unwanted commentary on artist types (OOH LOOK AT ME) and has learnt that the best things in life happen after the after party (OORSKIET – Left Overs) 유튜브 엠피쓰리 다운로드.

OORSKIET is a collection of tracks each telling a unique story – tied together in a sound world underscored by warm waves of analogue synths and floating melodies untouched by time 제주고딕 폰트 다운로드.

The first single off the EP, In Hierdie Dorp even appealed to an audience outside of our African borders and was featured on Swedish online music magazine, ZERO and Mexican radio station, Artefaktor Radio 다운로드.

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