Money Management Tools To Beat The Budget Trap

One thing all financially savvy people have in common is that they have a good handle on their money. They know how much they are worth, what they spend each month and where their money is going 삼성 스마트 매니저 다운로드. They have savings goals and they understand their debt commitments.

This type of awareness requires time and dedication, but thanks to some smart technology from an international company called Yodlee, there are now several South African based money management tools available online that automatically collate all your bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards pulling them into one spreadsheet 7일의 왕비 다운로드.

You can then analyse the information, see where you are overspending, where you can save money and also set budgets and savings goals.

In the podcast, Maya compares money management tools available online and which is best to improve your overall money management by providing a holistic view of your money, and not just a budgeting tool 티켓 양식 다운로드.

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