Mommy Matters With Kath

09h00 – 10h00

South Africa’s Only Parenting Radio Show found right here on 2oceansVibe Radio mastercam 2018!

That’s right! No other radio station offers you an exclusive insight into parenting, the sounding board to ask the pertinent questions and have them answered by the frequent experts live on air with regards to fertility, pregnancy, parenting wellness and relationships 다운로드. From pop culture, politics, travel, nutrition, to fashion and celebrities – just about anything and everything is up for discussion on The Mommy Matters show 다운로드.

After a rather scary year-long cancer battle after her pregnancy, Kathy decided that she wouldn’t return to travel industry, where she’d dedicated 12 years of her life operating and marketing various luxury inbound tour operators aws cli 다운로드. Talking and blogging about her life-changing experiences gave her the opportunity to re-evaluate her focus, and passion, and soon found her new home at Mommy Matters 다운로드. Through her enthusiasm around social media and marketing, and her overwhelming love for her son and everyday gratitude to be a parent, meant she could combine her passions into a day job 다운로드.

Mommy Matters is an online parenting and lifestyle magazine that sheds light on the many facets of womanhood, motherhood and livelihood. Believing in the importance of adding a personal touch to the often impersonal world of online, the Mommy Matters Show is an extension of that, maintaining Kath’s motto of “parenting with purpose for moms who matter.”

“We like to have a laugh AND a cry 다운로드. We’re smart and sensitive, interesting and interested, and have a community of women who are actively engaged and articulate. Just like a real life discussion with a group of women, you never know where the conversation will go 이스 오리진 다운로드. You also never know what’s going to be published at MM on any given day – expect the same from the radio show, except,   it’s live, no editing – anything can happen!”

Kath hosts the Mommy Matters show every Tuesday morning from 9am 다운로드. Follow her on Twitter @MommyMatters or @CapeTownKaty, and on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the MM action 다운로드. Find the website Mommy Matters and FB page Mommy Matters Mag.


Twitter: @MommyMatters