Meditation With Susana Kennedy

Susana Kennedy connected with audiences for a beautiful morning session, filling listeners and this planet up with much needed love.


She also touched on the concept of “You are what you consume” and expanded on what that actually means – do you want more 휴가원 양식 다운로드? Further expansion? Susana streamed her first live meditation based on the international plea for global group meditations and holding of intention at 11am and 11pm in order to create a collective energy of love, healing, and peace 다운로드.

A gentle reminder, this energy work is not contained within time space reality and is just as powerful if it is listened to live or afterwards 다운로드.
Susana also and asked the question, would you like to do this every day?

She also addressed the challenging negative energies that have been causing anxiety, fear and depression and bringing up shadow and wounding and how she is dealing with them vmware 무료.

Watch the full episode here:

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