Marc Lottering Stars In New Digital Show ‘My Fellow South Africans’

Marc Lottering takes on the digital world with ‘My Fellow South Africans’
On today’s show I chat to SA’s King Of Comedy Marc Lotteringwe find out how the comedian has taken his characters digital and is sharing their lockdown stories via livestream until 20 June 다음 로드 뷰 다운로드. During a time when COVID-19 has prevented physical social interaction, many theatre spaces have closed their doors. This has led to many artists looking at other means of performing, with stand-up comic Marc Lottering among them 다운로드.

In this laid-back interview Marc discusses the notion of digital performances:

“As much as I’ve been resisting the idea of doing a live stream show it seems to be the new reality for now. We are not sure when we will get to return to the theatres again as we did previously,”

While many professionals still fear technology and with implications, such as having to make the most out of performing to a camera, with no live audience, Marc seems to have embraced this world 다운로드.

Fans can now watch shows from the comfort of their homes as performances are set to tackle the tension, anticipation and realisation South African’s are currently facing with the ongoing lockdown pdf.js.

Let’s not forget our favourite Lottering characters who are making special appearances in My Fellow South Africans.
My Fellow South Africans can be streamed until Saturday 20 June 태합입지전 다운로드. Tickets available at R70 here.

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