Manly Kitchen Gadgets For Men

The month of May was about all things that would make a man smile.Tune In Now

Not for any reason other than the fact that us Women need to find a way to encourage our male counterparts to get into the kitchen every now and again this Winter.

Now that Braai Season has come to an end, how else to encourage the Alpha Male of the herd to do any of the cooking? In each of the following four cases, our beloved Chef Pete Goffe-Wood has selected a gadget that will make any guy a master of Supper-time.

smoker (2)

We’ve selected a range of affordable to “let’s splurge now” type gadgets, meaning that even on a budget, your man will be able to create a Winter Time feast in your kitchen that will rival his prior forays into becoming a Master Chef  at the Braai this past Summer. In the interests of Sustainability, we highly suggest using Free-Range or Grass-Fed cuts of meat wherever possible when you do decide to create a meat-heavy dinner this Winter.

vacu vin

If that seems like a pricier option for you, then perhaps consider participating in the Worldwide initiative: “ Meat Free Monday’s” – we’re all trying to do our bit to take care of Mother Earth. And there are so many little ways that we can all cut-down on unsustainable lifestyle choices by changing how we choose to consume!


Please enjoy our four Gadget Picks for May 2017, here:

Home Made Stainless Steel Smoking Oven:

This is a HUGE time and money saver, for those who wish to try different ways of preparing meat and fish. If you offset the initial cost of the gadget, the savings to you down the line are actually massive. Because “smoking” is an ancient and artisanal way of preserving meat and fish, this smoker allows you to exercise your creativity muscles and use the gadget for all manner of creative “smokey” flavours that will preserve your meat/fish for longer and create an additional way to enjoy different flavours in your dishes.

Vacu Vin Instant Marinater:

What you see is what you get! This incredible device is basically your answer to your own bad time-management! If you are anything like me, you often forget obvious steps in the Dinner-prep process. Like say, remembering to pop the meat into the marinade the night BEFORE. With the Vacu-Vin Instant Marinator, it does the entire process for you, in a matter of minutes. And the internal vacuum tenderises the meat at the same time. Hours reduced to minutes in this very affordable gadget.


Wusthof Chef’s Knife Case Bag:

This isn’t a gadget per say, but rather something that any guy is going to appreciate if he is a knife collector. As Pete will happily tell you – the result of your dish is going to be at least partially dependent on the quality of the tools you use. And to invest in a decent set of knives is one of the most crucial aspects of honing your craft as a Master Chef.


Graef Multi-Slicer Master:

This is definitely the SPLURGE gadget. But if you have an entrepreneurial streak within you , and want to turn any of your kitchen-creations into something you would like to sell at our City’s many markets and foodie-festivals, then you will be remiss in not buying yourself a decent meat-slicer.




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