LFP Offers Trustworthy Verification Facilitation Ensuring Your Businesses Compliance

Following the news that SANAS, the body that oversees the accreditation of verification agencies, has suspended prominent B-BBEE verification agency Empowerdex.


The LFP Group urges businesses to ensure that they choose a verification agency that is trustworthy. Be sure to catch On The Flipside every Tuesday from 2:30pm to hear more.

On April 4th, SANAS announced that they would be suspending the verification of all four Empowerdex branches for non-compliance. The verification agency was implicated in the State Capture Trial by former Bosasa boss Angelo Agrizzi who testified that Bosasa had paid an Empowerdex employee R40 000 to “sort out” Bosasa’s B-BBEE ratings. “This alleged act of bribery threatens the trustworthiness and validity of the verification agency industry as a whole,” says LFP Group CEO, Louis Pulzone. “We believe that B-BBEE providers should serve as Agents of Transformation and acts of corruption threaten the integrity of the process.”

SANAS R 47-02 requires that all accredited verification agencies be held to the highest standard of compliance. No company’s B-BBEE Certificate will be considered valid without a verification being conducted by an SANAS-accredited verification agency.

Companies that have chosen to partner with untrustworthy verification agencies need to be aware that although B-BBEE certificates issued by a suspended agency remain valid if issued before the suspension, no new B-BBEE Certificates can be issued from the same verification agency after the date of suspension.

LFP aims to offer a solution to those who are unsure of what the next step is, by taking the guesswork out of the verification process. LFP is now able to facilitate your BEE verification process – accurately and independently. LFP works with your business to seamlessly deliver on all required documentation and partners with credible verification agencies to ensure that the results that you receive are fair and accurate.

For those who might still not be convinced of the importance of partnering with an accredited verification agency, remember that all B-BBEE Certificates require a valid SANAS Accreditation Number that can only be issued by a SANAS-approved verification agency. Working with a trusted and vetted verification facilitation provider offers you complete peace-of-mind and sees your investment through from start to finish.

“I have said this time and time again. Tampering with the BEE verification process in order to produce a Compliancy Certificate with false credentials is never a victimless crime,” says Louis. “The people and businesses that are harmed most are those who have committed fully to this process of transformation with for the end goal of creating a better South Africa for all.”

Choose accredited, trustworthy BEE Verification Facilitation. Choose Integrity. Choose LFP.

Go to http://lfpgroup.co.za/bee-verification-facilitation/ to find out more about ensuring your businesses compliancy, and your peace of mind.

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