Keeping It Green



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As the new “Brand-Ambassador” For Soaring Free Superfoods and Textile & Sustainable Lifestyle Company, The Hemporium, Abstract AIMEE will be working closely with these two brands for the duration of 2016 to create awareness for the following idea:


To not only practice sustainability in weight-management and overall personal health and vitality, but to also look at how incorporating sustainable LIVING habits in one’s choice of DIET, CLOTHING, ENERGY, MEDICINE, FUEL, and even HOUSING can have an overreaching effect on the Planet and its entire future 다운로드.
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Our new  Radio Series, Keeping It Green, with Peter Daniel of Soaring Free Superfoods and Tony Budden of The Hemporium is set to sail through so many of the topics pertaining to sustainable health, wellbeing and agriculture.  Our tag line for this year is ” Collaborate, Co Operate and Coexist” , meaning that it’s up to each once of us an individuals to practice responsible consumerism and support LOCAL farmers, food wholesalers and artisans of household goods and day-to-day necessities 3dmark basic edition 다운로드. The former being of support predominantly to those who are manufacturing and producing goods using sustainable materials and incorporating sustainable ethics into their entire business model.”
Tony Budden Bio 

Tony is a founding partner at Hemporium, South Africa’s premier hemp company, established in 1996 다운로드. Tony is a globally recognized industrial Cannabis expert having presented multiple keynote addresses on Industrial Cannabis cultivation, processing, marketing and futures at International symposiums on Cannabis, as well as consulting to companies around the globe 다운로드.

Industrial hemp is fast reclaiming its position as the premier eco-resource due its large variety of uses, and Tony’s knowledge of the entire value chain is highly valued globally 다운로드.

Hemporium built Africa’s first Hemp House out of hempcrete, which is a recognized World Design Capital 2014 project, and are instrumental in launching this revolutionary new construction material in Africa ms sql server 2012.

He is involved in South Africa’s Commercial Incubation Hemp Research Trials, growing industrial cannabis under license and moving towards a legitimate hemp industry so that South Africa can take advantage of all the jobs, houses and nutrition it would create 다운로드.

Tony also promotes the use of Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp, as a health supplement and medicine that can help treat a range of disorders including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Autism and Epilepsy 다운로드.

He is passionate about raising environmental issue awareness, and hopes to play a part implementing in the changes necessary to correct the ecological balance of our planet 다운로드.