Is Medical Negligence On The Rise In SA?

It is a given that nobody likes to be sick and at our most vulnerable we turn to our doctors and health care providers to help us back on the road to recovery by providing us with proper and ethical medical care 인코더 다운로드. Yet it seems that medical negligence or malpractice is increasing in our country every year.

There might be many reasons why medical negligence claims have increased dramatically over the past few years in South Africa, ranging from a doctor having to treat more patients than he can handle because the hospitals are understaffed, to patients just being fed up with bad service and the violation of their rights as patients 다운로드.

While it is not always easy to lodge a claim against any professional, many people find the thought of lodging a medical negligence claim against their doctor a daunting task, so this week on the Mommy Matters Show on 2oceansvibe radio, we’re going to be talking to Romany Sutherand, an associate from A 다운로드. Batchelor & Associates Attorneys, about how to do this, and in what cases you shouldn’t be hesitating to.

Romany specializes in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury law, with focus on Obstetrics & Gynecology, and answers listener questions in the podcast below 타이타닉 한글 다운로드.

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