Is Fear Of Public Speaking Holding You Back

Announcing the launch of a new web-based masterclass programme: Your #BrandState Masterclass – took flight 1 October 2018. 


According to its founders your final result for success (personal or business) – comes down to three things; getting your brain on board to align with your business (or career) objectives, having a clear plan, and setting clear goals to action and measure. These two well-known experts in brand and business performance, Nadia Hearn – (Brand PR Engineer & Business Ignitor) and Kevin Britz (Voice & Business Performance Enabler) – emphasise that the state of your mind is the state of your brand success.


If you are a business owner or manager – and finding yourself speaking to groups of people, perhaps in the office and even presenting and speaking in public – representing your organisation (brand), its products or services, or even yourself – and you are not really sure if you are doing a great job or know whether you can do it better. Or are you just feeling irritated by having to be in this position at all? If you are anything like us at the beginning of our public speaking and presenting careers then even the idea of public speaking may leave your brain numb with fear and your mouth dry. Somewhere deep inside, you know every time you are being pushed in to speaking it ‘should be’ a grand opportunity for you to shine or even sell. We can help you, and know how to get your mind over matter!

We have built and perfected everything you’ll need in to our new web-based masterclass series – where you’ll learn to master yourself to optimise every opportunity to position yourself, the brand or business with laser sharp messages that hit home with who you are hoping to talk to or reach. Consider this, you do want to impact and ensure a memorable impression with your audiences, that may be your staff, team, potential new and current customers. That experience with you is what they should and want to remember. Now we just need to get your brain on board.

In the ‘Your #BrandState Masterclass,’ we show you how to finally tap into your own state of mind, to develop mind awareness, to cultivate the best focus and best outcome for the ‘stage’ moment. Never before has it been done in such an easy to learn, and action-packed training programme, where we combine presentation skills, voice training, personal brand positioning strategies, how to impact and use the power of perception, how you can cultivate and optimise your state of mind to maximise each opportunity in your business or career, and more.  


What also makes this masterclass unique is the combination of theory and practical presentation skills, soft-skills that will cover all the aspects of self-presentation – so you can align to your brand purpose. It includes a powerful combination class with key communications strategies that allows for work on personal limiting beliefs and voice training – enabling you to take your confidence to the next level in achieving your business and career goals. What we think is how we feel, this is your ticket to the next level you!


The format of the masterclass will follow learning and then implementation, as you are learning new skills you will apply them – it is reported to be a far more effective method of learning. One of the wonderful benefits that you enjoy is the access to checking-in directly with your mentors on your ideas, work and improvements in the web masterclass sessions and also afterwards.


To make your booking now or to get more information: or/  e-mail: or/ call office telephone: (+27) 74 923 3835.


We are launching with ten (10) very niche and focused – Your #BrandState Masterclasses and you are able to book a package or a single class. You can simply select the class or classes will add the most value in new skills for areas you need and want to develop:


Your #BrandState Masterclasses 2019 will be running February to May and

June to August – Package Prices:

  1. Early Bird Package – R4980 (valid until 28 Feb) for 10 classes
  2. General Package – R5980 (1 Mar onwards) for 10 classes
  3. Get discount: 5% when you book 3-5 classes, and 10% on booking 5-9 classes

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