Introducing The Uhambo Foundation

Our mission is to take orphaned and vulnerable children from one of the poorest of the poor communities, the township of Nyanga, and give them an opportunity to access quality education away from the crippling poverty, violence and abuse they are exposed to on a daily basis in their community 절체절명도시 다운로드.


The Uhambo Foundation would like to raise enough money to pay for these children to pursue an education at one of the well-established and resourced boarding schools located in Komani (formally Queenstown), namely Queen’s College Junior, Queen’s College Senior, Balmoral Girls’ Primary and Girls’ High School 아육대 2019 다운로드.


These children will have all their needs taken care of, they will be housed in the school’s boarding facilities and attend the respective schools reaping all the benefits of a first class education 야나두 mp3 다운로드.

Be sure to tune in today at 5:45pm to hear more! 

The South African education system is overwhelmed with disparities, the poor suffering the most sap 프로그램. The Uhambo Foundation aims to remedy this imbalance and transform the lives of a select few orphaned and vulnerable children.

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