Introducing The MAU Mask

틀린그림찾기게임 다운로드

“To date, air pollution – both ambient and household – is the biggest environmental risk to health, carrying responsibility for about one in every nine deaths annually.”


MAU Masks protect travelers venturing through polluted areas and megacities to freely enjoy their outdoor activities and commute without fear of breathing highly polluted air 오스 스킨 다운로드.
Our masks have N95 activated carbon filters – they protect against PM2.5, PM0.3, smog, dust, allergens, and bacteria. The masks have adjustable ear straps and a nose clip embedded which
makes them airtight on your face 프로세스 모니터 다운로드. MAU Masks are washable and reusable by changing the three-ply filters.

Inhaling clean air is effortless with our lightweight, travel- friendly masks 다운로드. Comfortable, effective, adventure-inspired masks designed to protect your explorative spirit.

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