Introducing Pure Zone

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens of the world have been forced to become more hygiene conscious. And an innovative new product called PURE ZONE® is now adding an extra layer of protection to surfaces all over South Africa and the world.

Viruses and bacteria may be invisible to the naked eye, but they linger – sometimes for days – on the surfaces we touch in our day-to-day lives 다운로드. Varying strains of the viruses that cause colds, flu and respiratory illness stay behind long after the infected person has left. And depending on the surface, COVID-19 can survive for hours or even days, primarily on surfaces that we touch all the time – like doors or countertops. Frequent hand washing and not touching one’s face can be effective deterrents. But PURE ZONE® can stop the virus from infecting the surface in the first place 다운로드.

PURE ZONE® is a clear laminate film with effective anti-microbial properties, which provides enduring protection from 99.9% of bacteria. The film is dual purpose, in that it both protects from bacteria and can be left clear, or branded, using a custom digital print. The silver ion technology that is incorporated into the film provides protection that lasts up to five years, is eco-friendly and drastically reduces bacterial populations 다운로드. PUREZONE®️ protective films recently passed the ISO21702 standards test, which confirmed that they reduce the coronavirus’s viral load by 99,87% within just an hour.

Ray Langa, Sales Director for Pure Clean Zone says, “PURE ZONE® is a product that came into South Africa at just the right time 다운로드. Businesses buy it once-off and it has a five-year lifespan. And in a period when the world as we knew it has changed drastically, everyone needs to be more conscious of bacteria than ever before. This protective film is, first and foremost, designed to make environments safe, protecting employees and significantly cutting down on the worry factor – and even cleaning costs g2 펌웨어.

“The reality is, while working from home is encouraged, some businesses simply can’t afford to maintain a remote work policy. So, they are obliged to ensure that the work environment adheres to the highest possible hygiene and safety standards. COVID-19 is likely to be around for a while yet 다운로드. And to date, a cure hasn’t been found. So, the best we can do for the moment is prevention. Our goal is to try and achieve some form of normality in the short-term, by providing an added layer of protection in everyday working environments.”

This unique innovation can be applied in high traffic areas or places where strict hygiene protocols need to be observed. PURE ZONE® is widely used at hospitals, healthcare establishments, doctor’s offices, dentists, gyms, schools, restaurants, banks and other businesses that have to maintain top health and hygiene standards 다운로드.

PURE ZONE® is made out of PVC, enriched with silver ions, which are highly reactive, killing multiple sites in bacteria cells. When PURE ZONE® is installed, it needs to remain untouched for 24 hours in order to activate. And once activation has occurred, it’s effective for five years 다운로드.

Ray continues, “We often forget just how much bacteria we’re exposed to on a daily basis; on toilet seats, cell phones and other surfaces we barely even think about. And when PURE ZONE® is applied, you won’t have to think about it.”

PURE ZONE® can be applied on any smooth surface and is recommended for use on the most-touched areas like doors, door knobs, countertops and restrooms 위닝일레븐 2016 다운로드. Globally, it is widely used in trains, planes and subways and has proved to be hard wearing and long-lasting. It’s resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol and diluted acids, so it won’t interact badly with cleaning products, and is a non-irritant on human skin.

Surface bacteria is a very real and present threat in our daily lives. And it has been magnified drastically following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic 탄트알 다운로드. PURE ZONE® provides an extra barrier of protection against the threat, enhancing personal safety and peace of mind in any of the environments it quietly protects.

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