Buy Or Sell Certified Pre-Owned Cellphones Using Flip Phone

Discover Flip Phone – the tech company that buys smartphones compared to the platforms in the market that simply bought tech.

On today’s show I sit down with South African, born Conor Copas, owner at Flip Phone 무한의 계단 무료 다운로드. The 28 Years old who began his career in eCommerce with Groupon and then moved onto to be a founding member of Hyperli started Flip Phone in 2018.

Over the years in ecommerce and understanding the local online landscape, Conor started exploring simple ideas behind how to use a tech platform to bring archaic or non existing services/offerings into the present and how to fast track their growth 도시정벌 6부 다운로드.

He had the idea to capture the second hand phone market which was relatively untouched and a grey area when it came to being secure, transparent and ethical 록맨x4 한글판.

With the rising US Dollar to the Rand, the price of phones was skyrocketing and this opened the doors to a promising used/ pre-owned market 다운로드.

A strategic decision was made to be a tech company first, that buys smartphones compared to the platforms in the market that simply bought tech 다운로드. Quite simply, Flip Phone allows customers to sell their phone in a very easy and trusted manner via the website. Flip Phone refurbishes the devices and lists them on their online store at great prices 에듀윌 무료 다운로드.


Selling a phone…

I have a phone I want to sell 다운로드. What’s the process?

Simply click the ‘Sell My Phone’ button, and fill in your phone details. You’ll receive an instant quote which will be emailed to you too 다운로드. Enter your details and follow the prompts on screen to arrange a convenient collection date. On the day of collection, our courier will overnight the phone to our offices for inspection 다운로드. You get paid instantly once we‘ve inspected your phone, often within a single business day.

What are the benefits of using Flip Phone 무료 microsoft office 2010 professional 다운로드?

We offer you a completely secure, convenient and on demand way to sell your phone for the best possible price and get paid immediately. All that you need to do is to fill in the phone details and your details then we take care of the rest. After your device has been inspected at our offices, you get paid instantly. No delays.

Why use Flip Phone to sell my device?

Quite simple, we are the only service to buy your device and pay you out via instant EFT with a price promise! We collect it, check it against the details you entered on our site, and you get paid generally within an hour of it arriving. Simple.

What happens if my phone doesn’t match the details I’ve entered?

We‘ll give you the option to accept an updated quote, or to have your phone couriered back at no charge.

If I accept the quote for my phone, how long will it take to get paid?

The ball’s in your court here, you choose a date for collection. Once we‘ve collected and inspected your device, you’ll be paid via Instant EFT – often within 1 business day.

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