Introducing Behind The Knife

Behind The Knife is a tell-all series which takes listeners behind the scenes into the Universe of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

In a World where looks are everything, this series takes a deeper look into the psychological evolution of humanity’s perception of Beauty 죠죠의 기묘한 모험 1부 다운로드. In addition to tackling big issues surrounding Female-Objectification, the series will answer questions surrounding Body Dysmorphic and Youth Obsessed mentalities, Hollywood and the Media’s role in illusory ideals as well as Gender Roles and identities 대용량 파일 다운로드.

How to listen

The series will also be focusing on some more real-life needs that Reconstructive Surgery addresses 다운로드. Trauma Surgery has evolved to a point where victims of serious injury resulting in amputations or disfigurements, are now blessed with a new lease on life 큐비크리에이터 다운로드. Previously unheard of in earlier decades in medicine, the era of reconstruction has now developed into something that marries technology with medicine 다운로드. So much so, that our Grandparents would have thought of much of todays reconstructive solutions Science Fiction.
Behind The Knife will Showcase the Lifes-Work of South African Plastic Surgeon Doctor Nick Kairinos 동전줍는징징이 다운로드.
Be sure to tune in every 2nd Thursday from September to October at 6pm.
About Dr 다운로드. Nick Kairinos

Dr Nick Kairinos is a plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon based at CBH 다운로드. He graduated at UCT and continues his ties with academia by continuing his weekly morning session as a sessional consultant in the Dept of Hand Surgery at Groote Schuur 다운로드.


He has an extensive research background 다운로드. Over and above his FC Plast Surg, he obtained an MMed research degree in general surgery with distinction. He was later also awarded a PhD in plastic surgery in the field of wound care, for his ground-breaking work on the mechanism of action of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

He is the only South African to have obtained a PhD in plastic surgery from UCT and is also the only surgeon worldwide with a PhD in the field of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. He is currently a reviewer in this field for 5 International peer-reviewed journals.


He is regarded as a Key Opinion leader in the field of wound care and has been an invited speaker at both national and international congresses. This year, Nick was elected as the new Editor-in-Chief of the South African Wound Healing Journal.

Although Nick is passionate about wounds, he is a generalist plastic and microvascular surgeon with the bulk of his work being skin cancer surgery, microvascular free-flap surgery, hand surgery, massive weight-loss surgery and cosmetic surgery.


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