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Presenting Almond Creamery’s range of good quality, fresh, dairy-free nut milk. You’re in for a healthy treat 다운로드!

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This deliciously dairy-free option is perfect for those looking for a creamy alternative to milk 윈도우10 고클린 다운로드. Whether vegan or avoiding dairy for health reasons, this range of dairy-free milk is packed with high quality, nutritious ingredients in a blend that is delicious, fresh and creamy 다운로드. Be sure to tune in today at 2pm when our host, Rhowan Johannes chats to the Almond Creamery.  Missed the interview 장윤정 꽃 다운로드? Listen to the podcast below:

Almond Creamery strives for consistent excellence, and makes the freshest nut milk available 샌드박스 런 다운로드. They use 5 times more nuts to make their smooth nut milk, which is why each sip is rich, creamy and packed with Omega-3 fatty acid goodness. Want to know the best part 다운로드? It’s also low in energy, with under 15 calories per 100ml!


The range consists of a pure Nut Milk blend, and 4 delicious flavours including Vanilla, Chai Spice, Coffee and Chocolate 다운로드. All flavours are available in 375ml environmentally-friendly glass bottles. The pure Nut Milk is also available in 1 litre packaging at select stores and is perfect for use as a milk alternative to add to coffee, tea and cereal, and is also perfect for use in cooking and baking 다운로드.

South Africa’s first Fresh Milk Alternative

Almond Creamery’s mission is to support healthy lifestyle choices by offering a dairy-free milk that is locally sourced and produced to ensure the very best freshness and taste 왕좌의 게임 시즌1 다운로드. By sourcing ingredients from local farmers, the brand protects the environment while supporting sustainable community development. This creates a foundation for the product where both the process and the quality is important 파스텔아이 다운로드. Whatever your reasons for choosing a dairy alternative, you deserve to know that what we put in our bottles is safe for you to put in your body!


It’s no wonder it’s South Africa’s best milk alternative! Try Almond Creamery today, available at selected SPAR’s, Wellness Warehouse stores and delis, in and around Cape Town. See more on their brand new website

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