In Your Car


If you want to listen to 2oceansVibe Radio in your car, we will start by telling you it is VERY easy. Follow these simple instructions ts파일 일괄.

First prize is to buy a new car with built-in internet radio, or install this internet radio into your existing car 블랙핑크 뚜두뚜두.

If you can’t do either of those things, then check this out.

1) Download the streaming radio app for your iPhone, Blackberry or Android HERE and connect to your car via bluetooth 모바일 첨부파일. Then press play on the app!

If you don’t have bluetooth then…

2) Get an Auxiliary audio cable, which you will use to connect your phone to your car 다운로드. In fact, we will give you one free. CLICK HERE for your FREE 2oceansvibe Radio car kit mms asf.

TIP: It’s got a normal headphone plug on each end 발사믹.

3) Plug one end into your phone and one end into the AUX jack in your car (connects to your car radio).*

4) Choose AUX on your car radio, which will play whatever is coming through that cable 다운로드.

5) Load up the 2oceansVibe app on your phone and press play. Welcome to your new life.

* If you don’t have an AUX jack in your car, then you might have to raise your game 다운로드. They’re available in virtually all new cars. TIP: Specify that you want one when you hire a car.

An alternative is to use an FM modulator (like an iTrip), which you can find out more about here 헤드라인 폰트 다운로드.